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Adnow Review: Native Ad Network For Publishers

Adnow Review: Native Ad Network For Publishers

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Adnow Review: Native Ad Network For Publishers
Adnow Review: Native Ad Network AdNow is an advertising network that offers widget-based native ads

Native Ads Network is an ad network that offers native ads based on widgets that publishers can use on their sites. This premium advertising network currently has more than 1, 50,000 viewers. Adnow accepts publishers who are otherwise rejected by Taboola, RevContent, and Outbrain. I found proportions of Adnow RPM that are almost similar to Taboola. So, if you want to search your site through native ads, Adnow can be a good option.

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Report on the company

AdNow was launched in 2014 by a digital marketing team, Big Data and the passionate people of RTB, to create a new hybrid ad format. This format serves the content of web pages and other interesting things to increase user participation. This Network allows you to use native ads and media banners in the same campaign, which can be very useful for agencies and clients involved in brand promotion activities.

AdNow is one amongst such Native Ad Networks

This Network is behind the idea of serving content and interesting announcements to develop a prototype technical team that lasted almost a year. But their algorithms were effective from the beginning. This may be because the AdNow co-founder has decades of experience in RTB, Big Data, Pay Per Click and mobile advertising platforms. In just two years, AdNow became the best native advertising tool and in 2016 it sold more than 1,500,000 members per month with more than four billion impressions in 107 countries.

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Requirements for the connection to the network by the editor

Andrew's native advertising network does not require specific traffic requirements by publishers, but it is important

that more quality content appears on your site to attract more traffic. AdNow manually examines all sites. As part of

this, publishers must complete a small registration form and send it for approval. I spoke with the publisher's

representative on AdNow and, as a new native ad network, they accept publishers unless the site generates traffic or fake clicks.

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During the submission process, it is important to verify the ownership of the website by uploading the file that is

sent to the root of the site. Alternatively, editors can paste the HTML tag that is sent over the header tag. After submitting and approving a site, publishers can earn money through their sponsored content.

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The approval or rejection of the websites will be made within 3 hours after the presentation. AdNow does not

support adult content sites. While there are no specific traffic requirements, a website that generates decent traffic

has several benefits. As part of AdNow, publishers cannot change the ad code, use traffic congestion and automatically update the software generating fake traffic.

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How AdNow works

AdNow is a content proposal that offers related mailboxes from publishers to sites. This associated comment shows

sponsored content that is monetized when visitors can click or view sponsored content. The service was used by

millions of webmasters who benefit from it. AdNow simply declares a clean, safe, and content-oriented place to

monetize a website. Your moderators verify all content before they are available and offer Js tags that do not collide

with other networks, so you can safely use AdNow with other ad networks, such as AdSense. It also offers other

benefits, such as weekly payments, multilingual support and simple customization of the content range, and more.

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AdNow offers webmasters and companies advertising solutions to help them get more traffic to their sites. AdNow

allows publishers to earn money through their site and earn revenue to drive their traffic to their routers. This is

one of the best advertising platforms where you can earn money on your site and make money with ads when you approve your web pages immediately.

It is not possible to deploy blogs or web pages with little traffic, and if a publisher earns more money from his

website, he must first focus on generating traffic. Generating traffic requires a lot of social marketing and search

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engine optimization, and it's the best way to look more like a new blogger, posting high-quality content on your

blogs to attract visitors from the search engines. The editors must publish at least one informative article on a daily basis; You can also add AdNow PPC ads to your site once your site has reached maximum traffic.

Facts about Adnow:

  • 4.2 billion impressions per month
  •  900 million users per month
  •  CPM varies from $0.1 to $2, depending on the country
  •  More than 150 thousand websites throughout the world
  • 107 countries reach Adnow works with Brazil, Portugal, Mexico, Spain, Italy, France, Germany, the Czech Republic, Romania, Serbia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Poland, Greece, Turkey, India, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan, China and other countries.
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Pros- AdNow

AdNow accepts websites that are not native to India but are based on India's native advertising network.
It is possible that websites receive traffic worldwide.
This native ad network can be linked to other networks, such as Propeller, AdSense and Adtomatikal ads.
Make payments on time.
Offers a real-time reporting system
If AdNow rejects a web page, you can reapply the errors again.
Your program is interesting and rewarding.

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Cons- AdNow

Publishers can not filter ads that are inappropriate for them and need help from the support team.
The advertising elements that you publish occasionally seem irrelevant in the content.
AdNow. Widget Integration

The AdNow widget is completely customizable. I suggest you create a separate widget for your mobile and desktop traffic. You can customize the size of the image, font, background groups, lines and columns in the widget's settings box.

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After you have modified the settings of your widget to meet your needs, you can continue to get the widget code.

Usually., it has two codes. One for the widget where the widget can appear, the other is the ad that loads javascript.

You can combine both codes and place them where the widget is displayed. Alternatively, you can place the initialization code in the header and widget code where you want the ads to appear.

Below is a sample of the AdNow ad model while I customized it.

AdNow widget
Get the maximum AdNow

AdNow can be a good AdSense alternative and is an excellent network for bloggers who test native ads. As the

three big players, Taboola, RevContent and Outbrain, consider publishing traffic to join their ad network, AdNow is

flexible. To achieve the maximum AdNow CTR, I suggest you create/experiment with 2-3 ad analyzers. The gadget is fully customizable and ads are loaded after the site is installed.

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You can use the widget in the sidebar for your desktop traffic

You can put the widget in the content of mobile traffic
the end of the content, you can place a standard widget
This recommendation is based on the observation that the sidebar widget works well in desktop traffic, but not for mobile traffic. You can expect a CTR of 2-3% depending on the theme/ content/cabin.

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AdNow AdNow CPM price report

I share the AdNow screenshot earnings on one of my blogs. As you can see, the eCPM is close to $ 0.4. So almost every $ 1 RPM of Adnow when you run two of your sites. Since these are native ads, they are used as content, and if successful CTR is achieved, it generates a good secondary page through AdNow.

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AdNow Income
AdNow Income
Payment and payment structure

The best advantage of signing up for the AdNow ad platform is that it offers publishers detailed statistical reports.

This statistics reporting system shows the number of clicks, views, and clicks from different sources, revenue,

eCPM and daily conversion rates. Daily, clicks on ads made by daily visitors occur in AdNow. You can generate

reports from different time zones in these statistical reporting systems with a variety of tools such as clicks, impressions, revenue, etc.

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The statistics are displayed in real time with the reporting time (update statistics per hour) and the minimum payment is $ 20. The editors were able to make weekly payments. Native Ad Networks offers two different payment methods for its publishers, PayPal and Bank Wire.

AdNow calculates income based on impressions and pays on a net basis of 7 or weekly

Adnow payment certificate Ads Review for Publishers-2018

This Ad network is still paying me for a long time! Here are the payment certificate and PayPal payment I received from Adnow! The parent company that sends the payment is the ActionPlay advertising network!

Here are the details of Paypal payment for the period from May to June.

Payment of PayPal1
Reference program

AdNow also helps publishers generate more revenue by directing other publishers to AdNow. The advertising

network will also review its websites and, once accepted, 5% of the total revenue will be paid for the references.

Publishers can enjoy this 5% of income for 12 months. These revenues would be added to your regular billing cycle and paid to publishers.

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Advanced ads: you must have a WordPress plugin

The WordPress add-on for advanced ads can increase your advertising revenue through interstitial ads, floating ads, associated ads, footer ads, and targeting locations, among others. By showing it


Frequently asked questions: frequently asked questions
AdNow is a scam network?

No?, Adnow has paid several times, and it's not a scam network. They represent a global geographic demand of more than 20,000 Alexa classifications.

Can I use Adnow with AdSense?

The Adnow native advertising network and the AdSense contextual advertising network. You can use Adnow through AdSense without any problem.

What are the best geographies for Adnow?

AdNow offers the maximum demand in the following geographical areas of traffic: Turkey, Thailand, Spain, Vietnam, Brazil.

Can I run Adnow on Blogger .com or Blogspot?
Yes, you can run Adnow on


Many people assume that AdNow is a scam, since it is easy to pay, easy and fast. But this is a native advertising

network that pays publishers on time. Publishers whose website generates thousands of traffic can search up to $

1,000 per month for advertisers to show their ads on their site. Each time each visitor clicks on these ads and impressions, the revenue will be added to the publisher's account.

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It is always better to use more than one native advertising network. For example, if you place a lower part and a sidebar widget, use two separate native ad networks. The best alternatives are Taboola and Mgid.

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