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9 Powerful Ways To Monetize a Blog And Generates 1500 Visitors Every Day

9 Powerful Ways To Monetize a Blog And Generates 1500 Visitors Every Day

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9 Powerful Ways To Monetize a Blog And Generates 1500 Visitors Every Day A complete blog entry guide

How to win a blog for a million dollar question. This subject has been discussed thousands of times. Once again, you must read this shit. I am sorry! You can be sure that you will find at least one new source of income for you and your blog!

How to Increase your AdSense Earnings by ADS Optimization

Start blogging as a passion, a great source to create new friends and flood like-minded friends. Go out to a hangout with your new friends! If you are a filmmaker, run the movie playback site to see more reasons to watch movies. At least you can tell your mother watching the movie making money

"Yes" for monetization beyond your blog is what I consider to be the AdSense for AdSense theme.

How to win a blog?
How to win a blog?

Traffic requirement for blogging

Traffic equals money, so your main priority should be traffic. This is often bad. We focus on the revenue side instead of developing a solid traffic base without traffic and not vice versa.

Both the quality and volume of traffic mean the success of the blog. Depending on the gap chosen for the blog, returning traffic (regular readers and knowledgeable people) and amateur traffic (single direct search traffic) are crucial to maximizing revenue.

Think about monetizing your website after 1500 visits per day.

Never make irrelevant ads or entertain blindness

Only work with premium ad networks

Your first motto needs to display 100,000 pages per month and then create an email list. The income is free! Traffic and only traffic!

PPC networks that do not absorb it

Do not waste time trying these ad networks if you really want to monetize your blog: Chitika, Bidvertiser, Clicksor, Adhitz, Obeus, Smowtion. They have successfully grown peanuts for publishers. I did not try Chitika for so long, so I can not understand what they are doing now. Adhitz pays 3 cents for 12 cents per click and uploads to scams as money ads.

How to Increase AdSense Revenue on Mobile Visitors

Test affinity: Affinity provides contextual display ads to publishers who earn money on a web property. The payment is not very good, but it is much more than other CPCs. By manually approving each blog, you have quality advertisers and have fun! offers many ways to monetize. You can place Search XML ads, CPC ads, banner ad tags, emails and more!

How to Enable Page Level Ads In Google AdSense Account

Adknowledge: Adknowledge offers CPC solutions for publishers and I think you can trust it. I did not really work with them, so I can not say much about how they work. If you have personal experience, share it in the comment.

Highly paid CPM ad networks

AdSense does not really work on all types of web pages. If you have a good visit, CPM advertising networks such as Tribal Fusion, Casale Media, and can increase your income. I will discuss here

Tribal Fusion: The tribe knows that it has $ 1 per CPM and adapts well to technology blogs! Your demand is 500,000 impressions per month.

Casale Media: Casale pays a little less than Tribal Fusion and adapts well to lifestyle and technology blogs I am eager to join this advertising network, perhaps the only network that pays $ 2.5 + CPM and without any request from the publisher. They only approve quality content on the Internet that is likely to generate revenue for advertisers. The page view requirements are not mentioned.

AdSense Alternative- Criteo Review For Optimization

Adblade: Adblade is the most popular ad network, especially for US-based advertisers. UU Your site must be rich enough to get permission. I did not try them, it's better than I reveal it! A very decent network for premium publishers

you're ready to start monetizing your blog

The list of CPM networks is endless. There are some high-level CPM networks that you must try. You must approve at least 50,000 page views. These are some of the most popular CPM networks: Tribal Fusion, Casale Media, CPX Interactive, Burst Media, ValueClick Media, Technorati Media,

If you are interested in rotating South Asian traffic, try Komila and Tyroo!

The best conversational networks that look

I would suggest that you initially work with five or ten associated ads. There is not much pain to get approval from an affiliate network and you can generate more income. In fact, specialized blogs earn money with affiliate sales and AdSense continues to back up. Ads Review for Publishers-2018

It is sufficient to join the following affiliate networks: Commission Liaison, ShareaSale, Google Affiliate Network, LinkShare.

Shareasale and LinkShare cost $ 1 and $ 1.5 for each publisher shown.

Amazon is fantastic, all you have to do is take traffic to Amazon and let Amazon take care of the rest! Both Amazon and its visitor are smart enough to decide what to buy, they just have to pass their affiliate ID to generate a sale and that's easy!

Top 5 Google AdSense Plugin For WordPress 2018

Ebay is good! They pay for a click even if they do not sell it. So, if we are new to affiliate marketing, we recommend that you start with eBay, you will surely see that the cents are $

You can also try Cafepress, Zazzle, and similar networks if you have a lifestyle/craft blog.

Automatic affiliate marketing

Third-party network, which converts outbound links into affiliate links and includes links to relevant keywords. The whole process is automated and you only need to log in to the third party network, which in turn entered 1000 for merchants and affiliate networks. You must register to obtain a Javascript ad code and opt for optimization standards to increase your revenue. The most popular networks



If most of them are in India, I suggest using Cue link as an alternative solution, since the previous two can really use Indian traffic!

Recommendations for text ads

I'm not a big fan of text ads. The model is extremely vague and useless. For the most part, visitors ignore the text links and the advertiser's website, and the probability of the visitor's query is very low. Entering a text ad blog is the last thing you want. Also, CPCs can never be great because advertisers pay less for the network. Once I click on the text link (Kontera) I arrived at the parked domain.


Text link ads:

Information Links:


Direct ads can increase your earnings

You need a small web property and reputation to get direct ads. Well, this is not always possible, but advertisers prefer a lot of blogs from readers' authorities when they launch an advertising campaign. This is where article directories lose their points of view. Only targeted and super-bulky sites can call direct ads that can cost up to $ 4 for the location of a disk for ad postings up to $ 1,000. You can serve direct ads with Double Click for Publishers that channel the advertiser's claim. Alternatively, you can join any of the following ad networks. You must show your site, register a monthly prize and wait for the advertiser to buy the advertising space!

BuySell Ads




If there is something to sell, go ahead. You can develop software or create a local store. There are also department stores and courier service in the city.

Top 10 Native Content Ad Networks For Publisher 2018

If someone is "starting" with e-commerce, I suggest you have your own subdomain on your blog. Beta tests can save you a lot of investment. Since the development on the site will not have much investment (thanks to PrestaShop)

Prestashop is the next generation e-commerce platform. It is already listed in a simple list of e-commerce modules and can be downloaded from there. You can completely control all your small functions and buy additional functions at any time.

Sponsored Reviews

Both new and official blogs can earn money with sponsored evaluations. However, the only criterion is that a page rank is 2+

For new blogs, it is difficult to capture advertisers who are willing to pay for the ratings of the products.

Here is a complete list of 21 genuine pay-per-view networks.

How to Manage AdSense Earnings for a Multi-Author WordPress Site

Blogs with significant authority should focus on the content and traffic of social networks. Advertisers go directly to the webmaster to see their products. A single sponsored review can search between $ 200 and $ 1,000 if you have solid technology problems. earned $ 1,000 for each review, and I know it's much more.

Make money selling a Blog

I know many bloggers who have one or two quality blogs and some of the best blogs. Quickly buy domains related to recent developments in any of the boxes (technology preference). Facilitating the rich domain name of the keywords facilitates that blog and launches at least 30 information messages and adds a publication each week. They claim to receive Adsense income, which is worth the effort. However, the main objective is to sell the blog on Flippa or in any other order market. Since it is easy to obtain a ranking of 3 pages with some quality publications. There are enough blogs for up to 100-150 visits per day, as age and provincial authority are key to advertisers.

Taboola Review- Best AdSense Alternative 2018

Even if a blog is published in every 5 blogs, the return on investment is enough to start another 5 blogs with 30-40 publications. This is really a good idea:

First, you are adding your web property

Experiment: the more you experience, the more experienced you will be and add to your profile, reputation and everything you associate. It offers innumerable opportunities.

Should We Use Media Query or Responsive Ad Units? OF Any Ads

You win: due to the unpredictable nature of search engines, some of your blogs have more search preferences and this seems to be a trick in niche blogs. This is, in fact, the intermediate result of the pilot phase. As most bloggers choose to launch a blog about technologies/ thoughts/thoughts of development, a proper market plan is missing. If one or two blogs fall in love with Google, the next lucrative blog is shared. (I do not think they're going to sell that blog for money)

How to use URL channels: AdSense performance tracking by targeting

Your readers are growing: this is another definite reward that appreciates your efforts. If you have more readers, you are more successful.

monetize a blog that generates fewer than 1,500 

Increase web properties: on a good morning, you will not see the end of blogs. Online advertising is still in development! AdWords and other ad networks are still targeting local businesses and many companies in developing countries. So you can continually expand your web property against a regular income stream.

What Are Make from Google AdSense Websites 2018

Many people feel that running 10 to 15 blogs requires a lot of effort and time. Well, that's probably true, but the people who do this say ... It's okay! I have enough free time to watch a movie with my family or play tennis. With WP-Manage, you can manage multiple blogs from the same panel at the same time. The free monthly trial, followed by monthly subscription fees to make your life easier if you run several blogs.

Service sales

First, you can create a banner to sell your own service! This is the most lucrative cash flow! People need advice and they love to pay for it. They will be happy to give you advice!

A Recap

Many people think about the result if their AdSense account is blocked. They feared and contained blogs. However, the real fact is that every successful blogger believes that AdSense is supporting their cash resources since it represents less than 10% of the revenue source.

Does Increasing the Ad units Results in Higher AdSense Revenue

AdSense is great for blogs, forums, education, workplaces, cars, medical care and more. But in some cases they are regrettable. Since I did not participate in AdSense, we all believe that we do not have AdSense, and we have to make sure that we will really live in AdSense for life sooner or later.

Better Ad Placements Optimization Tips for Increase AdSense Revenue

Do not put all the eggs in the same basket! Once again!

There has been a lack of some basic points since childhood, and I'm sure I miss it too! Do you want your brilliant comments and let me know what was missing!

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  • CPC Networks-, Google AdSense
  • Link Ad Networks- Viglink, Infolinks
  • Pop-Under Networks- Clickadu, Hilltopads
  • Recommended WordPress Theme- Publisher (AMP Ready)
  • Premium Ad Placement Plugin- Advanced Ads
  • Web Hosting- Bluehost
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