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3 reasons why Chelsea will get left behind next season

Chelsea have a lot of problems to deal with before the start of the next season

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After winning the title in his first match in England,

Chelsea had high hopes for the Antonio Conte's Sofo Season in the Premier League.

However, the champion could not re-present his form with the performance of two main stars last season.

There are flagrant flaws in the window of transfers of summer of 2017

Not many players can do what Keita does – Poulsen

and obviously the conte are included in losing the locker room, Chelsea is not at the best of its size.

If the Spurs and Liverpool manage to keep their heads for the rest of the season and do not slip,

then Chelsea will not be in the UEFA Champions League next season.

To accommodate this, things look relatively serious for the Stamford Bridge organization and can be far behind when they close in the next season.

Let.'s look at the reasons why this could happen:

#3 Unsettled stars

Get out of Stamford Bridge?
Due to other tremendous weather, it seems that some star players in Chelsea could pack their bags

in search of deer pastures. Players like Eden Hazard

and Thibaut Kurtis were important to win the Chelsea title in 2016.

However, they have not played at the same level and in the summer the boat can jump very well.

Courtois has already accepted that his heart is in Madrid.

Klopp's No. 2 to spend time away from Liverpool team

Real Madrid has always been looking for a worthy replacement for Keller Voices,

who has been aging for a long time?

Given that Mourinho had ruled out David De Ge's exit in the summer,

Real Madrid could manipulate Belgium number 1 very well.

The 25-year-old would be happy if Zinedine Zidane really proceeded with the deal

because it would be a big step for the great archer and the dream situation-truth-truth.

But to make Chelsea worse, leaving the club is the possibility of Eden Hazar.

Endangered, it seems that he already had enough in Chelsea and if he has a great dream

of making it bigger in Europe, it seems like the ideal moment for the 27-year-old.

To sign it with Real Madrid, it will be very difficult to catch the blues beyond this season.

#2 Conte's future, and board's uncertainty

It has been connected
The concern is obviously upset with some board decisions
Antonio Conte has been very eloquent about the aversion of the club's board.

Before the Manchester City match on March 4,

Conte was quite vocal on the board, which did not support him in his decision.

"When you have a good manager and a lot of money to spend, you can probably have a successful season."

"It is very important to keep the coach and the club with the same ambition: improve the team,

the, idea of football and the quality of your players, if you get this situation,

then the weather will end successfully: Cup, cup, and the league." "I have a lot of ambition,

but I do not have money for Chelsea, the club knows very well what my idea is, my ambition."

When you decide to work with this type of coach, you must understand that you take a coach with great ambition,

not a loser but a coach. winner and that ambition are always shared.
It certainly does not look like a manager who is happy with the board and will not stay away from this opportunity

that the right opportunity is good. Now with the ability of the Champions League,

based on Tottenham's unknown choking skills, its climate is completely seen as a disaster.

If Conte decides to stay, then the board will have to go back to the transfer market so that he can fully understand his approach to the club. Otherwise, next season will simply repeat this.

#1 The rest of the top teams are well settled and raring for glory

Pep and Mourinho are able to be better at each other at home
is falling behind, right? Pep Guardiola has made one of the most exciting teams in Europe at Manchester City and that will undoubtedly be the team to beat next season.

Manchester. United finally seemed to settle Mourinho and league has received the maximum 6 1 9 points out of 30 possible against the opposition. He defeated Chelsea, Liverpool, City, Spurs, and Arsenal for the past 3 months.

It is considered to be a force with Liverpool and could even win in European heavy metal klop football if everything works in their favor. He has already signed Naabi Keita for next season and the team will surely be strong next season.

With some minor improvements, Tottenham Hotspur will be able to challenge the Premier League title next season.

As the season approaches, it looks like he will be running four horses for the Premier League title next season because Chelsea is willing to undergo a rebuilding process.

With the growing uncertainty surrounding the future of Conte and players appears is a new set of problems for Chelsea before the new season begins. If they want to get a new manager, they will need time to adapt to a new style of play. While Conte was able to give them short-term success, this season has shown that it is not the kind of focus in the grand scheme of things.

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