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3 Reasons Why Chelsea Could Win the Premier League in 2018/19

3 Reasons Why Chelsea Could Win the Premier League in 2018/19

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3 Reasons Why Chelsea Could Win the Premier League in 2018/19

Chelsea is one of the most successful English clubs in the Premier League, as it won all the trophies in the last ten

years. Since Roman Abramovich bought the club in 2003, dramatic changes have taken place; the best players and

coaches came to Stamford Bridge and have dreamed of making Chelsea a super club.

The Blues will be waiting each season to win the tournament because of their recent dominance, and this season would be an exception.

Although out of court, unrest in the courtroom and the arrival of the runners-up of the Premier League, Chelsea

was still in the season as a strong contender for the Premier League title next season.

There are three reasons for this.

#3 The element of surprise

Chelsea wrote too fast in pre-season
As mentioned above, Chelsea has many soccer problems, coach Antonio Conte has been relieved of his duties in

good condition and reports indicate that he is taking legal action against the club.

The long-term technical director, Michael Emenalo, who has handed over most of the clubs, went to Monaco last

season after giving up the deliberations of club director Marina Granovskaia at the venue.

They thought Conte was angry at Emenalo's departure, and this friction was another reason for him and the crowd.

The stadium development plans also mean that it is not easy to compare money transfer funds with the first,

while, the front of personnel is not optimistic, since the key players of Chelsea are linked to the play of the club and Jorginho is the only key arrival.

3 Manchester United players who are pivotal in their quest for Premier League glory

The relationship between the majority of leaders and leaders of Chelsea's rivals has not been disturbed, receiving

the necessary support for players to be interested in the transfer market, while Chelsea cannot be said.

Many of these factors have forced people to ignore Chelsea during the discussions with the most important runners

in the following championships and the London club does not care too much for the new season.

However, people tend to criticize and have doubts to inspire success, and soccer players are no exception. We have

heard countless stories about football teams and players who have fought against opportunities and achieved greatness.

Chelsea can use the complications as a motivation to surprise everyone who was in Conte's debut season in a

the position where Mourinho left a poisonous wardrobe and Conte inherited the team whose chances were suspended early in the season.

He. cast doubt on believers by using underestimation status as a springboard for Chelsea to win the championship

title in record fashion and this could happen again this season under Sarri.

#2 Recent history is in their favor

The Italian coach has been in Chelsea for a long time. Two of the last three Italian coaches, who led Chelsea, won the

Premier League in the debut season; Carlo Ancelotti in 2010 and Antonio Conte in 2017, while Roberto Di Matteo took them to the crown of the 2012 Champions League.

Both titles of the championship were won unexpectedly and Ancelotti won a beautiful offensive football brand (his

the team lost in the season of the championship last season) to stop the three consecutive titles of the Manchester United Premier League.

Conte also introduced the title with outstanding style, compiling successive consecutive victories and winning the

most victories in a single season (both broken by City) with the victory of the Premier League.

It had a significant impact on English football and won the championship with a separate three-back system that

proved to be so effective that up to 15 other clubs in the Premier League and the English national team played the same tactics in some way.

Maurizio Sarri is an Italian coach with a high level of tactical competence (apparently owned by all Italian coaches)

and comes in an aesthetic style of football that can be seen in the Premier League.

His side of Naples was one of the most entertaining sites in the last season and although he has not yet received any

major trophies during his career in 59 years. If history likes him like his compatriots, he could raise it with the most valuable national title in European football in May next year.

#1 Eden Hazard and N'Golo Kante seem set to stay

Eden Hazard has been for a long time the successor of the striking hand of Galactico and Cristiano Ronaldo over

Juventus thanks to these speculations that have drastically increased in order to take the player to the future of Chelsea.

N'Golo Kante has also been the target of Barcelona with rumors that link the winner of the World Championship with the relocation to the Camp Nou.

However, these speculations seem to have cooled and both players seem to stay at Stamford Bridge for at least

another season, which is extremely nice for Maurizio Sarri, as the duo is a major cog in the Chelsea wheel.

No doubt they will strengthen any team in the world, and Blues will be absolutely essential.

Kante's work is legendary; The great amount of play that the French player played in the last three seasons is almost

amazing and shows no signs of fatigue. His ball was restored and his listeners were phenomenal, while he was no more than an explanation of the opposition of the game.

Jose Mourinho loves what Eric Bailly did against Liverpool

Despite not having as much recognition and recognition as the charming predecessors, Kante has become the

number one defensive midfielder in the last three seasons and Chelsea needs his qualification for championship glory.

Eden Hazard was the PFA Player of the Year in 2015 and, despite his consistency, has been one of the best soccer

players in the world today and has a key role to play in the defense.

Stern Ball's performance in the 2018 World Cup reminded him of his huge property and, with it, the real possibility of Chelsea becoming a champion again.

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